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Welcome to Surest Path Recovery Center

Group Session

Surest Path Recovery Center

Drug and alcohol addictions have become a very serious issue, affecting the lives of many individuals and families.  It is not a lack of willpower, nor a character flaw that causes individuals to suffer from these addictions.  It is considered a mental illness and should be treated as a medical issue, just as any other illness.

It is important that individuals suffering from addictions, and their families, receive the professional help and support required to help them through the recovery process.

Therapy Session

Medically Monitored Inpatient Withdrawal Management

Surest Path Recovery Center (Fremont)

825 June St

Fremont, OH 43420

Phone: 567-280-4531

Fax: 567-280-4574

Surest Path Recovery Center (Bloomville)

22 Clinton St

Bloomville, OH 44818

Phone: 419-983-4100

Fax: 419-983-4103

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